The Windsor-Essex County Real Estate Board donates trees

Thursday, May 22, 2008 was proclaimed REALTOR® Day and to recognize this the Board held a tree planting ceremony at REALTOR® Park, which the Board purchased and donated back to the City. One of WECREB’s core values and purposes is to help raise money for charitable and/or benevolent causes throughout the Windsor and Essex County area and Bob Pedler who played an intricate part in the real estate transaction was present to recount the events that took place.

The City of Windsor was very pleased to accept the donation of 90 trees by the Windsor-Essex County Real Estate Board.

Other prominent Board Members as well as representatives from ERCA and the City of Windsor Parks and Rec attended. A representative on behalf of the Mayor’s office attended the ceremony and proclaimed that on this day and on an annual basis May 22 was to be proclaimed as REALTOR® Day and urged citizens to support WECREB’s charitable initiatives throughout the year so we can continue to support the overall community. The Windsor-Essex County Real Estate Board genuinely thanks all of it’s Members and their families and friends who helped make these events a success and also thanks the general public who attended.

“On behalf of the Essex Region Conservation Authority, we’d like to extend our sincerest congratulations on the 90th Anniversary of the Realtor’s Association. Planting 90 trees in Realtor Park is a wonderful way to celebrate this milestone anniversary, and to move forward in creating a cleaner, healthier and more sustainable environment for this region. Indeed, a healthy environment, healthy economy, and the human health of our community members are all intricately connected, and our mutual interest in creating this sustainable future will grow as ERCA and the Windsor-Essex Real Estate Board continue to work as partnership.” KEN SCHMIDT, ERCA’SGENERALMANAGER.

“The City of Windsor is very pleased to accept the donation of 90 trees by The Windsor-Essex County Real Estate Board to be planted in Realtor® Park in the fall of 2008. Partnerships Like these benefit all the citizens of Windsor & Essex County by helping improve our environment” BILL ROSELLE, CITY FORESTER